Jason Heppler

Sent in a pitch to a magazine to write a review piece for them. Fingers crossed that they’re interested.

Coffee, fire, writing.

“As a substance, ice has agency and it is an entity that moves and shapes and responds to the world. We don’t just act upon ice, ice is also making decisions of its own accord."

Robin Sloan: “For people who care about creating worlds together, rather than getting rich, the web is the past and the web is the future. What incredible luck, that this open, decentralized ‘way of relating’ claimed a position at the heart of the internet, and stuck fast.”

“It isn’t climate change that caused a 69 percent loss in total wildlife populations between 1970 and 2018 . . . The cause is too many people demanding too much from ecosystems, or human overshoot of the biophysical carrying capacity of the Earth.”

Will I use it? I don’t know. Probably not. But I’ve parked an account over at Post.News.

In Virginia for our annual white elephant party. Always so much fun.🎄

Currently reading: Valley of Heart’s Delight: Environment and Sense of Place in the Santa Clara Valley by Anne Marie Todd 📚

Quiet morning, with fresh coffee, fire in the fireplace, and writing.

I’ve been a vim user for ten years and now, for the past few evenings, I’ve been actively using Emacs and org-mode (and Evil, I’m not a complete monster).

Not sure it’ll stick. And it’s probably a red flag that this going to turn into a rabbit hole for me. But org has some interesting things going for it.

My children have polluted my music data.

I’m not sure if it’s a good sign or a red flag that I spent yesterday evening winding down by reading about Emacs and org-mode.

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Found a screw in the car tire. Impending ice storm tomorrow.

Hope I don’t need the car.

One side effect of leaving Twitter is I find myself using RSS a whole lot more. I see this as a good side effect for both my mental health (no doomscrolling) and the open web.

Honestly, not the finish I was expecting. USMNT holding their own. ⚽️

Thanksgiving included roast pork stuffed with herbs, green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potato with tahini butter, rolls, two kinds of pie, and some games of UNO, naps, a couple episodes of Bluey, chess, World Cup, and setting up the Christmas tree.

“The Thanksgiving story buries the major cause of King Philip’s War—the relentless seizure of Indian land.”

The honey-maple-bourbon pecan pie is a success. 🥧