I’ve been thinking over things I want to focus on during 2023 and coming up with a few names for what I might call this. There are some high-level things I’m capturing: health, wrapping up my book to get on to the next project, planning and career stuff over the next five years, more focus on writing, pursuing some newer interests (or, reading widely and deeply as possible in certain areas), and building on learning I’ve been doing for a few years (for example, going beyond what Duolingo can do for me in learning Norwegian).

Last year was the Year of Lagom: a Swedish word meaning “just enough” that evokes ideas of “moderation,” “in balance,” and “suitable.” I feel like I did pretty well this year. So, I’ve been toying with the following labels for this year:

  • Year of Release
  • Year of Learning
  • Year of Less
  • Year of Festina Lente (I’m currently leaning heavily towards this one.)
  • Year of Momentum

Lagom will continue to be a big part of my life and approach to things, but I like taking the moment during this time of year to think about what’s next. Festina Lente may just be it.