2022-09-29 Currently reading: The Treeline: The Last Forest and the Future of Life on Earth by Ben Rawlence 📚

2022-09-29 In the mailbag.

2022-09-27 A new Field Notes day is a good day.

2022-09-26 Thinking of the loss of Hilary Mantel, and what history is and what it is not.

2022-09-23 Longleaf pine ecosystems are “casualties of the single most violent and destructive force in …

2022-09-23 I’m panels 1, 3, and 4 today/this weekend.

2022-09-21 There’s a new trailer up for season two of R2 Studio’s The Green Tunnel podcast.

2022-09-15 Boosted. 💪💉

2022-09-14 Great but all-too-short visit with my colleagues at RRCHNM. Heading back home today.

2022-09-09 Fall temperatures are finally in the air, and we spent a lovely evening at a hot air balloon …

2022-09-08 The Queen met thirteen U.S. Presidents — that works out to having met 30% of all of them.

2022-09-08 The Queen was the first head of state to send an email, in 1976.

2022-09-06 My colleague Nate Sleeter at RRCHNM, with funding from the Library of Congress, has developed a …

2022-09-06 Listening to: The Horses and the Hounds by James McMurtry ♫


2022-09-05 Birthday coffee. 38.

2022-08-30 So very pleased I get to work with such an outstanding team.

2022-08-22 Good morning I just poured water into my Aeropress without adding the coffee beans first.

2022-08-21 Tonight I made these incredible Oklahoma onion burgers.

2022-08-21 Sculpting in progress. (Not my doing, it’s a talented member of our parish).

2022-08-19 PARC and PARC-adjacent folks are restoring and modernizing the Medley Interlisp system that ran on …

2022-08-18 Fall food. To will Fall into existence.

2022-08-17 Wingspan is such a fantastic board game.


2022-08-13 0/5 stars, don’t recommend poison oak exposure.

2022-08-04 “I’m working on my first tutorial now, about how to parse NetCDF files full of climate data …

2022-08-02 Not even two days into the summer break, and Formula 1’s silly season is off the rails. 🏎

2022-07-28 I write succinct git commits.

2022-07-28 It’s a good feeling when all the code and infrastructure falls into place on the first try.

2022-07-23 Weekend read.

2022-07-18 Spending the morning in Golang, Postgres, and API land. Go really is a nice language to work in.

2022-07-15 I have just a few podcast I listen to.

2022-07-14 Good morning.

2022-07-11 Editor: How’s your book coming along? Me: …I might’ve accidentally drafted an …


2022-07-04 Also, to fellow historians, may we all be prepared for the day.

2022-07-04 Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸

2022-06-26 Currently reading: Left Behind: The Democrats’ Failed Attempt to Solve Inequality by Lily Geismer 📚

2022-06-19 The kids know how to gift.

2022-06-19 Today’s to-do list from Daughter: ice cream, LEGO building, lunch, and dinner.



2022-06-11 sorry what

2022-06-06 And we meet again, Day of WWDC.

2022-06-05 Weekend project inching along. Painted the study and finally replaced the sagging, cheap bookshelves …

2022-06-04 Raggmunk for breakfast.

2022-06-02 In the mailbag.

2022-06-02 Sadly, I had to withdraw from a conference in August that’s being held in Savanger, Norway. …

2022-06-02 Sadly, I had to withdraw from a conference in August that that’s being held in Savanger, …

2022-06-01 Currently reading: Why the New Deal Matters by Eric Rauchway 📚

2022-05-31 The office is pleasant today.

2022-05-28 Garden updates.

2022-05-28 Come feast, bird friends.

2022-05-24 “We guarantee that crazed man after crazed man will have a flood of killing power readily …

2022-05-24 “It’s not a good time for Belgian-style monastic beers. Spencer came along at the wrong …



2022-05-19 Currently reading: The Long Land War by Jo Guldi 📚

2022-05-16 Really nice conversation today with my editor (and good friend) about my book. I’ve set myself …


2022-05-15 My daughter, waking up from her nap, always brings a book down from her room but then just leaves it …

2022-05-14 Welp.

2022-05-11 Major flight delay. Time for another one.

2022-05-11 Heading home after a wonderful visit to Virginia.

2022-05-10 Unreasonably pleased we named our RRCHNM data API: Apiary. 🐝

2022-05-07 Good morning.

2022-05-06 Good to be back at RRCHNM for a time.

2022-05-03 New setup.

2022-05-03 Did my single item I ordered get delivered? I’m not certain.

2022-05-02 Indecisive tree.



2022-04-30 The high winds today are throwing so many flower blossom petals around that it looks like it’s …

2022-04-29 Writing on a rainy morning. Giving BBEdit a try as the writing app today.

2022-04-28 💌 Breve #6: Mapping American Religion

2022-04-27 Tonight the toddler got mad at me because I told her I was making pasta for dinner, not mac and …


2022-04-24 Juneberries blooming.



2022-04-23 First cold brew of the season. ☕️

2022-04-21 What is the best movie soundtrack and why is it O Brother, Where Art Thou?


2022-04-19 Good morning.


2022-04-14 Currently reading: What It Took to Win by Michael Kazin 📚

2022-04-14 Can’t wait for him to buy twitter so the whole thing just implodes.

2022-04-13 Testing something out on my web server, and I made it angry.

2022-04-12 It’s currently 85F. It was 51F an hour and a half ago.

2022-04-12 Well that explains things.

2022-04-10 My tarragon has returned!

2022-04-10 Happy chives.

2022-04-08 Looking forward to digging into these.

2022-04-04 Currently reading: Catholic Modern by James Chappel 📚

2022-04-03 Cuban ropa vieja (roast shredded beef), coconut scallion rice, vegetarian Cuban picadillo.

2022-03-31 Pro tip: throw some Trader Joe’s umami seasoning on that broccoli before you roast it.

2022-03-27 oh no I bought Elden Ring

2022-03-20 Chives have begun their return.

2022-03-16 I might have just impulse-bought a le Carré “George Smiley” boxed set.

2022-03-15 It’s a tough life.

2022-03-15 Morning writing.

2022-03-08 Pepper seedlings going strong.

2022-02-27 Fastelavnsboller, a Norwegian cardamom bun filled with jam and whipped cream.

2022-02-26 In the mailbag.

2022-02-20 Stewed apples with homemade honey ice cream.

2022-02-19 What a weird week.

2022-02-13 Yes.

2022-02-10 Good morning.

2022-02-04 Vegetarian tikka masala and homemade naan.

2022-02-01 Another early morning calling for writing, and my best approximation of a cappuccino.


2022-01-29 An early morning calls for quiet contemplation and writing.

2022-01-24 Pan-seared tofu with a homemade chili oil.

2022-01-23 Good morning.

2022-01-21 “If we just keep building without repairing what exists or applying lessons learned along the way, …

2022-01-20 In the mailbag.

2022-01-11 I’ve been using Go a lot more as part of the work we’re doing on a @chnm data API, and …

2022-01-04 I don’t know what happened between yesterday and today, but the dependency gods (looking at …

2022-01-03 Great piece by @benwerd: There’s no such thing as writing too much: your voice is important, your …

2021-12-31 Happy New Year, friends.

2021-12-30 Knocking out lots of little digital maintenance projects this week: unsubscribing from apps and …

2021-12-30 The 5yo and I recently finished Chasm, a rogue-like 2D side-scroller — we thought it was fantastic. …

2021-12-30 Today’s projects include finally getting my router on OpenDNS.

2021-12-29 The Break from Twitter

2021-12-29 My small Christmas break project of fixing face tagging in Apple Photos to correct miscategrized …

2021-12-27 Just finished Margrete den første. Pretty good drama on political intrigue in fifteenth century …

2021-12-25 Making gløgg today: 1 cinnamon stick 6 cloves 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 3 cardamom pods 3 …

2021-12-25 Merry Christmas.

2021-12-24 The Icelanders are on to something. ☕️


2021-12-22 Julebordet

2021-12-21 At the start of the pandemic, I started following this series of one man building a log cabin in …

2021-12-21 Currently reading: The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe by Matthew Gabriele and David …

2021-12-21 Currently reading: Thinking about History by Sarah Maza 📚

2021-12-20 Today is for making lefse.

2021-12-20 “The tools of writing have seldom been designed with writers in mind.”

2021-12-19 Currently reading: The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson 📚

2021-12-18 I might be getting a home beer brewing kit for Christmas, so I might be brewing up some juniper beer …

2021-12-16 Christmas Tunes

2021-12-15 I don’t feel good having experienced my first (indeed, multiple) tornado warnings in December.

2021-12-15 This storm front is screaming fast. May look small but it’s packing a huge punch.

2021-12-14 ah yes the December fire season

2021-12-12 What an absolutely bonkers Formula 1 season.

2021-12-12 I’d hate to be a Formula 1 steward today.

2021-12-11 Today was for making gløgg and St. Lucia saffron buns.

2021-12-08 Had a quick but fantastic trip to visit my colleagues at RRCHNM this week. I’m still so …


2021-11-30 If you’re a listener of our RRCHNM podcasts, for Giving Tuesday please consider supporting our …

2021-11-27 “Where’s the food.”


2021-11-26 Pumpkin pie for breakfast.

2021-11-25 Yes.

2021-11-25 Roast pork stuffed with sage and rosemary, green beans, roasted broccoli, deviled eggs, kale and …

2021-11-25 A bit of downtime before the next phase of cooking means digging into some Thanksgiving reading.

2021-11-25 Yes.

2021-11-25 Soon.

2021-11-25 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

2021-11-25 A Day of Mourning

2021-11-25 Newberry Library



2021-11-22 Today’s office view.

2021-11-21 An at-home Nailed It! competition.

2021-11-07 Kjøttbollene mine er bedre enn IKEAs.

2021-11-01 Yes.

2021-10-26 Boo

2021-10-23 The last of our harvest.

2021-10-23 Out adventuring this morning: visiting the Holy Family Shrine, and fossil hunting.

2021-10-20 I have, twice now, followed Apple’s instructions for reinstalling macOS on my MacBook Air. …

2021-10-17 Homemade raspberry juice and vodka with a touch of smoke. Skål.

2021-10-17 Onion soup with cheese on sourdough.

2021-10-16 Tonight, baked potato soup with fried potato skins and broccoli, and brunost caramel apples for …

2021-10-14 Mailbag.

2021-10-12 Chili rellanos with peppers from our garden.

2021-10-10 Currently reading: The Ecocentrists: A History of Radical Environmentalism by Keith Makoto Woodhouse …

2021-10-09 Just a few peppers from the garden. And we’re not even done harvesting them all yet.

2021-10-09 We also met this friend in the garden today.

2021-10-09 Tearing out the plants no longer producing in the garden today.


2021-10-08 Soon.

2021-10-06 If you like tarragon, blitz a handful with half a cup of sugar and top strawberries and milk with …

2021-10-03 Currently reading: Floating Coast by Bathsheba Demuth 📚

2021-09-27 The one positive of being holed up in bed all day with a stomach bug is finally watching Star Wars: …

2021-09-26 A morning at the apple orchard.

2021-09-19 This week: Hey! It’s going to be in the mid-70s all week! Also this week:

2021-09-19 Paul Hollywood would give me poor marks, but I tried my hand at Swedish kardemummabullar today. …

2021-09-17 Very excited to see a new José González album.


2021-09-17 Butternut squash soup tonight, grown from our garden. 🌱

2021-09-11 Flambéed pork chops with sage and aquavit.

2021-09-08 Currently reading: Cuba: An American History by Ada Ferrer 📚

2021-09-07 Just a massive watermelon haul from our garden (apple for scale).

2021-09-05 Skål!

2021-09-05 Birthdays are for cream cakes (bløtkake).

2021-09-04 Started rewatching one of my favorite shows the other night, Occupied, and wow does seeing …

2021-09-04 These Williams cars in Q2 look like me trying to play F1 2021 with full simulation settings.

2021-09-01 The new James McMurtry album is fantastic.


2021-08-30 Finally, an answer to “what is digital humanities”?

2021-08-26 I sure hope not: Twitter threads are the new blog posts.

2021-08-24 Currently reading: The Anglo-Saxons : A History of the Beginnings of England by Marc Morris 📚


2021-08-22 Good morning.

2021-08-17 Currently reading: Forget the Alamo by Bryan Burrough 📚


2021-08-09 The Summer Day

2021-08-09 “And, if we believe this report, the next 20-30 years is the most important time of our whole …

2021-08-08 Just finished reading: France by Emile Chabal 📚

2021-08-08 Currently reading: The Human Factor by Graham Greene 📚



2021-07-28 Garden update.

2021-07-24 Jeg tror min favoritt ting om å lære norsk er å prøve nye norske oppskrifter. Det er god motivasjon. …

2021-07-21 Github Copilot is shockingly good.

2021-07-19 Steak with fresh garden herbs and butter, grilled garden squash and zucchini, fresh sourdough, and a …

2021-07-17 Skål!

2021-07-15 Pickling.

2021-07-13 “When a perceived internal enemy is a threat to the established hierarchy, the state springs …

2021-07-11 Mailbag. 📚

2021-07-09 “Throughout the first two centuries of its existence, Chicago became famous as a city that …

2021-07-08 “If redlining maps were not just maps of race, then what were they maps of? They were maps that …

2021-07-07 “It’s 109 degrees in Portland right now. It’s been over 130 degrees in Baghdad several times. What …

2021-07-07 “The new Federal Writers Project, in other words, would revitalize and repurpose portions of our …

2021-07-06 Incredible work by Morata. ⚽️ #ITA #ESP

2021-07-05 Just a few garden items.



2021-07-03 Call me radical, but I’d prefer not to have burning oceans.

2021-07-02 Friday.

2021-06-29 GitHub Copilot looks incredible.


2021-06-23 Sourdough ciabatta.

2021-06-17 Neat.


2021-06-11 Skål!

2021-06-08 Look at these garlic scapes.

2021-06-07 Looking forward to WWDC today, hoping to see some big news for iPads.

2021-06-06 Also, around a pound and a half of juneberries.

2021-06-06 The first true harvest (just ignore those bolted chives and sad onion bulb).


2021-06-02 Yesterday I met a friend for coffee at a coffee shop outside without masks. It was glorious.

2021-06-01 In the mailbag.


2021-05-31 Firing up the grill for chicken tenders and beyond beef burgers. Spring potato salad chilling in the …

2021-05-31 Good morning.


2021-05-27 Just added this amazing hand-drawn map of North America to my list of maps I need to buy.

2021-05-27 Currently reading: At Home in the World by Kathleen A. Cairns 📚

2021-05-27 Just a bit of rain in that overnight thunderstorm.


2021-05-23 Chipotle beef, roja con crema, cilantro, and homemade corn tortillas.

2021-05-23 Any recipe that starts off with roasting poblano peppers is going to be good.


2021-05-21 Ben Schmidt give us an alignment chart on digital publishing.

2021-05-14 First harvest.


2021-05-13 Making a favorite stew tonight: rotgrønnsaksgryte med bygg.

2021-05-06 I don’t think anything else I’ve made comes close to the popularity of What is Digital …

2021-05-04 Observable Plot looks like a fantastic new way for generating charts in browsers. API seems user …


2021-04-20 I’m going to need that new iMac.

2021-04-18 Good evening.

2021-04-15 After hand-digging twenty-eight 1’ diameter by 2.5’ deep holes, pouring 2,300lbs of …

2021-04-12 Tell me you’re in your mid-thirties without telling me you’re in your mid-thirties. My wrist is so …

2021-04-11 Also, the soundtrack for Project Fence has been Johnny Cash on endless repeat. I’ll credit …

2021-04-11 Project Fence day seven ends with almost all of the exterior pickets hung. The longest exterior …

2021-04-10 Project Fence, day six. Pickets started getting in place this evening.

2021-04-09 Project Fence, day five. All the posts installed and cemented, most of the rail hung.


2021-04-08 Project Fence, day four. Hoping rain is mostly done for the day.

2021-04-07 Project Fence day three, inside before the heavy rains hit. Over halfway done with setting posts.

2021-04-07 I’m excited to announce Project Fence is now sponsored by ibuprofen.

2021-04-06 Day two of Project Fence is in the books.

2021-04-05 I’m falling back on my days as a landscaper and taking on replacing our cedar fence this week. I’m …

2021-04-01 Dose 2!

2021-04-01 Those are fighting words.

2021-03-29 Fantastic piece by Hannah Fry on the harm and the good that can come from what we decide to count …

2021-03-25 Looking good, mobile @zotero!

2021-03-25 If you’re aghast at the reinstallment of Richard Stallman on the board of the Free Software …

2021-03-25 Det er vaffeldag i skandinavia! Lage noen vafler i dag!

2021-03-23 It’s good.

2021-03-21 Future firewood.

2021-03-19 Great thread on what we miss by using only digitized sources and how, perhaps, we shouldn’t read …

2021-03-15 He’s a good sport.

2021-03-13 Currently reading: Calhoun: American Heretic by Robert Elder 📚





2021-03-11 A year ago today was my last day working on campus and the day we pulled our kids from …

2021-03-08 The herbs are returning.

2021-03-08 I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a Confluence pro.

2021-03-07 Grill night.

2021-03-07 The four seasons: summer, fall, winter, and the dogs chased a squirrel through the thawing yard and …

2021-03-06 I find the generational divide identified here too rigid (a lot of this speaks to my experiences, …

2021-03-06 As the snows melt, it appears a few over winter plants survived.

2021-03-06 I’m trying out this newsletter thing, inspired by @dancohen @lmullen and @ayjay. Introducing Breve, …

2021-03-04 Currently reading: Visualization and Interpretation: Humanistic Approaches to Display by Johanna …

2021-03-04 Crumb.

2021-03-04 More sourdough day.

2021-03-03 I know this made the rounds recently, but I just love this crowdsourced project collecting sounds …


2021-02-25 Honored that our book Digital Community Engagement won the National Council on Public History’s book …

2021-01-24 Well, tomorrow seems fun.

2021-01-05 Finishing Halt and Catch Fire has me jonesing to make an early ‘90s design of my website.

2021-01-04 Sourdough day.

2020-12-31 Later, 2020.

2020-12-30 In 24 hours, Flash is going away. I was not great at it, but Flash was one of my early forays into …

2020-12-29 Just a bit of snow today.

2020-12-27 Daughter is chanting “lefse!” so I’d say my work here is done.

2020-12-26 Current project! Kiddo always gets the best presents for me.

2020-12-20 Ice.

2020-12-16 Currently reading (finally): The Code by Margaret O’Mara 📚

2020-12-15 Cancelled subscriptions to the Peloton app and Down Dog in anticipation of Fitness+ and I’m pleased …

2020-12-15 “Today’s social networks, Facebook chief among them, were built to encourage the things that make …

2020-12-14 Thoughtful reflections on the “rules” for data visualization.

2020-12-13 Lussekatter. (St. Lucia saffron buns.)

2020-12-13 Pretty great interview from Outside Magazine with Tim Cook and Apple’s future in health, privacy, …

2020-12-12 Snow day.

2020-12-11 It took me far too long to discover Halt and Catch Fire.

2020-12-09 Time for some maintenance on a DH project, I guess.

2020-12-08 Listening to Margaret O’Mara deliver the Katz Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities on “Remaking …


2020-12-07 Spicy Norwegian pepperkaker.

2020-12-05 Welcome inside, tree.

2020-12-04 I need to find some local juleøl.

2020-12-03 The American Historical Association has joined the National Security Archive, SHAFR, and CREW in a …

2020-12-03 Oh no, I might’ve just been inspired to start a new digital history project.


2020-12-01 “I cannot overemphasize how much the lesson of the web is that people, given the choice …

2020-12-01 Good news, we can gaze upon my lackluster programming skills for eternity.

2020-11-29 If Christmas music is your thing, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a few Apple playlists I started …

2020-11-26 I dag er det ett år siden jeg begynte å lære norsk!

2020-11-26 I have taken in the light / that quickened eye and leaf. / May my brain be bright with praise / of …

2020-11-26 [Newberry Library.]

2020-10-31 Boo!

2020-10-29 4yo, on pumpkin carving: “You guys are going to scoop them out. And carve them. I’m going to put the …

2020-09-24 Currently reading: Children of Ash and Elm by Neil Price. 📚

2020-02-29 Possibly some of the best footage I’ve seen on old F1 driving. Here, a short film focused on …

2020-02-24 Happy 27th birthday, Ruby.

2020-02-22 I’ve started digging into Rails, which I haven’t played around with in many years, and I’m …

2020-01-23 For a brief moment it wasn’t obvious to me that @lmullen’s newsletter in my inbox was a …

2020-01-10 I’m digging in to Observable notebooks, in part to re-familiarize myself with JavaScript but …

2019-12-19 It’s been a remarkable year. We gave birth to our second daughter. Those two provide so much …

2019-12-11 “Zero waste helps us reexamine our relationship with stuff in a way that can seem progressive …

2019-12-10 And the ultimate triumph of being anti-web is to make links scarce. The smallest possible number of …

2019-12-10 I’m peer reviewing conference proposals for Digital Humanities 2020 and, as always, I’m …

2019-12-09 A smart piece on why it’s so hard to get young people into activism in places where they feel …

2019-12-09 ‪I just sent off a full book manuscript to my editor. ‬

2019-12-06 I really enjoyed Firefox’s wrap-up of my year.

2019-12-05 I’ve been learning Norwegian 🇳🇴 and have to say the way Duolingo teaches possessive pronouns …

2019-12-04 I’ve created my first R package:a dataset of Superfund sites in the United States. …

2019-12-04 There’s something refreshing and liberating about checking in on, only to see that …

2019-12-03 The United States as viewed from California.

2019-12-03 “I’m acutely aware of the fact that in many contexts that I enter, I’m probably the only …

2019-11-30 “The U.S. government’s system for declassifying and processing historical records has reached …

2019-11-30 Over at the blog, I reflect on @lmullen’s first newsletter on the idie web.

2019-11-30 “Chatham House predicts urbanisation, population growth and economic development will push global …

2019-11-28 John James Audobon, wild turkey, from The Birds of America, ca. 1830.

2019-11-28 Thankful today for family, friends, colleagues, and students. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Take some time to …

2019-11-27 Fantastic comic by Vrendi: Why Am I Scared to Ride a Bike?

2019-11-27 Excited to announce the volume I’ve edited with Rebecca Wingo and Paul Schadewald will be …

2019-09-05 Close. I think the book draft is close.

2019-06-26 Some summer reading.

2019-06-20 Inspired by the NYTimes piece showing where single family zoning is prohibited in several US cities, …

2019-06-18 “People who think of themselves as progressives, environmentalists and egalitarians fight …

2019-06-17 I just whipped up a small geolocation web app for a course I’m working with this Fall, in case …

2019-06-17 Me: opens Spotlight, types rstud Spotlight: Did you mean rstudio_logo_125x125.png? Me: muscle memory …

2019-06-17 Sad to hear of the passing of Alan Brinkley. His End of Reform is more or less canonical and a …

2019-06-15 Looks like I might be finding something to replace Dropbox.

2019-06-12 Punching “rstudio” into Spotlight keeps privileging Visual Studio Code and it’s …

2019-06-12 For the public historians hanging out here: interested in attending the Western History Association …


2019-02-23 Well, tomorrow is going to be fun.

2019-01-21 This morning, as I write about environmental justice activism, I’m struck by an idea to write …

2019-01-18 Then, college: 500 words!? How on earth will I write so much about this book? Now, post-PhD: 500 …

2019-01-18 I find it so hard to write book reviews on works intended to be synthesis. Especially one’s …

2019-01-17 “The relationship between education and economy is more complicated in Indian country than …

2019-01-17 Twitter clean-up.

2019-01-16 Currently reviewing.

2019-01-14 Back in August, Netflix wrote about how they use Jupyter Notebooks in their work. It’s a great …

2019-01-14 “Against the vast blue skies and craggy prairies, female ranchers … are also forging a …

2019-01-12 If you hate websites that stick bars to the top and bottom of pages (I’m looking at you, Medium), I …

2019-01-12 Snow day.

2019-01-08 My top nine songs in 2018 via iTunes brought to you by my daughter, mostly. (Compiled via this …

2019-01-08 New on the American Indian Digital History Project: The American Indian Magazine published by the …

2019-01-08 Human spatial memory is made up of numerous individual maps.

2019-01-07 Thank you, past self, for writing good code comments and documentation.

2019-01-07 My privacy tools this year: 2FA: Authy Browser: Firefox Email: ProtonMail IM: Signal Search: …

2019-01-06 Wonderful time, as always, at the AHA conference these past few days.

2018-08-10 Night number three at the Knoxville Nationals. This is my sixteenth race in twenty years since I …

2018-07-13 Terrific week spent with the Service Learning Academy!

2018-07-09 Finished the terrific new biography of RFK. 📚

2018-07-09 My week: attending a service learning seminar and thinking about library resources, partnerships, …

2018-07-06 A morning of writing.

2018-06-30 I am unreasonably excited about this open spatial data…


I live and work on lands represented by Native Nations whose sovereignty, governance, and treaty lands existed long before the state of Nebraska and Virginia. These Nations include the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Umoⁿhoⁿ, and Manahoac Nations.