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Jun 2, 2023:

Jun 2, 2023: Up at 5:30. The birds that early were chittering like I’d never heard in the city. Beautiful sunrise. Unpacking continues.

Jun 1, 2023: The stuff is all in the new house. Coffee acquired. Now to unpack.

Jun 1, 2023: Jonathan Frankle, the chief scientist at MosaicML and a computer scientist at Harvard, described this to me as the “boring apocalypse” scenario for …

May 30, 2023: oh no I forgot to label the moving box that has the whiskey packed in it

May 30, 2023: Adding Conservation to BLM Land One thing opponents and proponents of a recently proposed U.S. Bureau of Land Management rule agree on: It would be a major shift in how the agency …

May 30, 2023: Where I've Been 🇺🇸 United States 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England 🇨🇦 Canada 🇲🇽 Mexico U.S. states: 🔥 Arizona ☀️ California 🗻 Colorado 🌭 Illinois 🌽 Iowa 🌴 Florida 🍑 Georgia 🐮 Kansas 🎶 …

May 30, 2023: The garden is in.

May 28, 2023: Big race day: Monaco and Indianapolis.

May 27, 2023: A federal judge ruled Friday that four Missouri hunters did not trespass when they corner crossed and passed through the airspace above Fred …

May 27, 2023: Currently reading: The Big Empty: The Great Plains in the Twentieth Century by R. Douglas Hurt 📚

May 26, 2023:

May 24, 2023: Officially the owner of an acreage as of today. Embracing my Wallace Stegner phase of life.

May 23, 2023: Currently reading: Shaped by the State edited by Brent Cebul, Lily Geismer, and Mason B. Williams📚

May 20, 2023: Me: “3yo, can you take your volume down a bit?” 3yo: “I can’t bring my volume down. This is just my volume.”

May 20, 2023: I’m not certain why Past Jason needed to keep a copy of Windows 98.

May 20, 2023: Packing for our move and I’m over here doing media archeology.

May 17, 2023:

May 16, 2023: A groundbreaking epidemiological study has produced the most compelling evidence yet that exposure to the chemical solvent trichloroethylene …

May 15, 2023: I’ve been corrected. She’s actually chanting, “¡Mis manos estan deliciosos tortillas!”

May 15, 2023: The 7yo is walking around the house chanting, “¡mis manos de tortilla son deliciosas!”

May 15, 2023: Made a few CSS tweaks to get @Mtt’s new theme to closely match my main site. Nice work, @Mtt!

May 14, 2023: But, at a time when the urban-rural divide is as politically polarized as it’s ever been, fans of gay rodeo have come to appreciate it as a place …

May 13, 2023:

May 13, 2023:

May 11, 2023: The testing found PFAS in three out of seven agricultural pesticides, including Intrepid 2F, which state of California data shows is the second most …

May 11, 2023: I can only infer from this that since Copilot is not degraded the AI overthrow has begun.

May 10, 2023: Wonderful, busy, and fast few days with my colleagues at RRCHNM. Full with ideas, fun, friends, great food, and lots of planning for exciting new …

May 10, 2023: Finished reading: The Honourable Schoolboy by John le Carré 📚

May 10, 2023: Currently reading: Billionaire Wilderness by Justin Farrell 📚

May 6, 2023:

May 5, 2023: We fear climate change because our systems of support are worn and frayed, and we are unsure of whether they will hold up under increasing duress. . . …

May 1, 2023: Forests are adapted to different types of fire across the West, but hotter and drier conditions in recent decades have intensified the way fires burn, …

Apr 30, 2023: Days like today make me wonder why I follow Formula 1. Come for the uneventful race, stay for the near-manslaughter of people wandering aimlessly into …

Apr 29, 2023: Star Wars by Wes Anderson.

Apr 29, 2023: New hat day is a good day.

Apr 28, 2023: Going through books as I pack them up and tucked into one of them (that I must’ve bought online years ago): a letter between historians Elizabeth …

Apr 26, 2023: Today’s investigation: Django + IIIF, and how I might derive images by selecting part of a different image.

Apr 22, 2023: Waking up to flurries is not how I anticipated starting my Saturday.

Apr 21, 2023: If all goes well in the next few days, I’ll be officially entering my Wendell Berry / Wallace Stegner phase of life: we’ll be owners of a …

Apr 21, 2023: Cucumber slices + a bit of olive oil + a bit of coarse salt + fresh tarragon is an excellent salad.

Apr 21, 2023: Finished reading: The Great Plains by Walter Prescott Webb 📚

Apr 21, 2023: Finished reading: Colony and Empire by William G. Robbins 📚

Apr 21, 2023: Currently reading: All the Little Live Things by Wallace Stegner 📚

Apr 21, 2023: I not only worry that “cli-fi” might not be an effective form of environmental expression – I have come to believe that the genre might be actively …

Apr 19, 2023: I have it out for commas tonight.

Apr 19, 2023: Very pleased that the American Religious Ecologies team received an NEH grant to continue working on the 1926 Census of Religious Bodies.

Apr 16, 2023: I’m at the “edits need to happen with track changes in Word” stage of my book manuscript, and I’m reminded all over again why …

Apr 14, 2023: It appears, finally, Reeder can no longer fetch tweets from some people I was still following. Thus ends any lingering use of that platform for me.

Apr 13, 2023: I gave Yellowstone another shot after not being able to get through the pilot episode, and it’s…okay. Watched through season 2. …

Apr 13, 2023: The technocrats taught us not to trust what we find on the web. Now we need to teach them why this matters. Ted Gioia, The Scarcest Thing in the …

Apr 12, 2023: Falling back on knowledge from a past career.

Apr 11, 2023:

Apr 6, 2023:

Apr 2, 2023: Herbs are making their return.

Mar 25, 2023: Went birding today along the Platte River in search of Sandhill Cranes. Beautiful March day.

Mar 25, 2023: Alaska isn’t suppose to be an inferno—but its summers are now so warm that apocalyptic wildfires are almost inevitable. Climate Freeloaders Are …

Mar 16, 2023: It’s snowing snowballs.

Mar 14, 2023: After taking a long break after the first episode (the violence of it turned me off for a bit), I finally finished Godless. Lots of typical western …

Mar 14, 2023:

Mar 14, 2023:

Mar 13, 2023: Just a bit of snow in the Dakotas.

Mar 13, 2023:

Mar 11, 2023: “The leadership’s strategy for how to respond to the peril seems to be to ignore it and hope it resolves itself. Tenured and tenure-track professors …

Mar 10, 2023:

Mar 7, 2023: Finished reading: Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett 📚

Mar 4, 2023: Currently reading: Continental Reckoning by Elliott West 📚

Mar 4, 2023: In the mailbag.

Feb 28, 2023: Good morning.

Feb 27, 2023: The Death by Numbers team at RRCHNM is excited to announce the beta launch of our digital history project.

Feb 26, 2023: First thunder of the year.

Feb 26, 2023: I never tire from a rewatch of Oh Brother Where Art Thou?.

Feb 25, 2023: Finished reading: Chemical Lands by David D. Vail 📚

Feb 25, 2023: After spending years thinking about and writing about a single county in California, it’s been nice to revisit scholarship and ideas about the …

Feb 23, 2023: In the mailbag.

Feb 21, 2023: Fastelavnsboller!

Feb 21, 2023: Currently reading: Colony and Empire: The Capitalist Transformation of the American West by William G. Robbins 📚

Feb 21, 2023: Currently reading: The Settler Sea: California’s Salton Sea and the Consequences of Colonialism by Traci Brynne Voyles 📚

Feb 21, 2023: Revisiting another classic I haven’t read since grad school.

Feb 19, 2023: “Every presidential administration wants to fix America’s ‘crumbling infrastructure’ until they discover the business interests profiting from …

Feb 17, 2023: I can’t wait to check out Worlds Turned Upside Down, a new podcast on the American Revolution launching this fall by my colleagues at RRCHNM.

Feb 16, 2023: Approaching 9-10” of snow around here.

Feb 13, 2023: Currently reading: The Great Plains by Walter Prescott Webb — revisiting a classic that I haven’t read since grad school 📚

Feb 11, 2023: With a mere comment and question, my editor apparently unlocked something my brain had been mulling over for a while that resulted in about 900 words …

Feb 11, 2023: Colin Meloy asked ChatGPT to write a Decemberists song. It provided lyrics and chords, and he recorded it.

Feb 11, 2023: Spotted a bald eagle on our hike today.

Feb 11, 2023:

Feb 10, 2023: Currently reading: Chemical Lands: Pesticides, Aerial Spraying, and Health in North America’s Grasslands since 1945 by David D. Vail 📚

Feb 10, 2023: “What use is there in having something that rephrases the Web?”

Feb 8, 2023: I’ve realized I have two writing ticks: em-dashes and comma splices.

Feb 7, 2023: James McMurtry’s latest album The Horses and the Hounds is just great. 🎵

Feb 3, 2023: The writing task list is at zero. It’s time to turn this book back over to the editor.

Feb 2, 2023: Things I’m enjoying lately: Severance on AppleTV is so good CGP and Myke turned me on to Home Town, it’s pretty great Making my way through John le …

Feb 2, 2023: Not sure how I feel about Readwise yet, but Matter is a nice reading environment. And, like Matter, it syncs highlights and notes to Obsidian. ✏️

Jan 30, 2023: My latest newsletter is out.

Jan 28, 2023: Thomas Aquinas’s handwriting is indecipherably bad.

Jan 26, 2023: Very pleased with a prototype design I came up with today for a soon-to-launch project.

Jan 26, 2023: Quite the roller coaster this week.

Jan 23, 2023: Currently reading: Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett 📚

Jan 22, 2023: Revisited a piece of property today we’re thinking about buying. The house needs work, but the space is fantastic.

Jan 21, 2023: I’ve introduced the 6yo to Minecraft. She’s exuberantly spawning cats.

Jan 21, 2023:

Jan 20, 2023: Boules.

Jan 18, 2023: The Omadome holds: the forecasted 5-9" of snow has been reduced to 2", but the trade-off is freezing rain. I’d prefer the snow.

Jan 18, 2023: Archeologists in Norway have discovered the earliest known runestone, dated before 250 CE.

Jan 18, 2023: I’ve always thought purchasing carbon offsets was greenwashing. A new study bears that out.

Jan 17, 2023: Prepping for the incoming winter storm.

Jan 15, 2023:

Jan 14, 2023: We looked at some property yesterday — lots of amazing space for gardens, wooded areas, our own hiking trails, close to a bike trail. But the house …

Jan 13, 2023: Currently reading: The Honourable Schoolboy by John le Carré 📚

Jan 13, 2023: Finished reading: Call for the Dead by John le Carré 📚

Jan 13, 2023: Currently reading: Call for the Dead by John le Carré 📚

Jan 13, 2023: Finished reading: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John Le Carre 📚

Jan 9, 2023: I think it’s finally ready to work edits back into the revised draft.

Jan 8, 2023: Currently reading: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John Le Carré 📚

Jan 6, 2023: Finished reading: The Overstory: A Novel by Richard Powers 📚

Jan 5, 2023: This morning’s book editing accompanied by some appropriate Pete Seeger.

Jan 3, 2023: Pushing to hit my imposed deadline of Thursday to hand this manuscript back to my publisher. If not this week, then next.

Jan 2, 2023: I think 2023 might be the year I fully take up birding. I also want to visit the Sandhill cranes when they arrive here in Nebraska during their …

Jan 1, 2023: $11,914,892,503 has been lost to web3 hacks, scams, and fraud since January 1, 2021.

Dec 30, 2022: New clacky keyboard. It’s so great.

Dec 30, 2022: Frosty.

Dec 30, 2022: Year in books for 2022 Here are the books I finished reading in 2022.

Dec 29, 2022: Currently reading: The Overstory: A Novel by Richard Powers 📚

Dec 29, 2022: In the mailbag.

Dec 28, 2022:

Dec 26, 2022: Finished reading: The Treeline: The Last Forest and the Future of Life on Earth by Ben Rawlence 📚

Dec 26, 2022: Just a month ago I wrote about a rudimentary node script I wrote to handle my reading log on my website. But @manton’s latest update to Epilogue is so …

Dec 26, 2022: Working on a gift for my editor.

Dec 25, 2022: And right on cue, the snow has started falling again. 🎄

Dec 25, 2022: Co-working.

Dec 25, 2022: Merry Christmas.

Dec 24, 2022: Sourdough cinnamon roll dough rising overnight. Roast duck prepped and refrigerated. Stockings stuffed. Glass of aquavit in hand. Ready for a nice …

Dec 24, 2022: Nydelig!

Dec 24, 2022: Time for lefse making.

Dec 24, 2022: Risengrynsgrøt for breakfast.

Dec 23, 2022:

Dec 21, 2022: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Library has around 3,800 watercolor paintings, lithographs, and drawings of different apple …

Dec 20, 2022: The National Weather Service is saying it will feel nearly 70°F / 21°C colder on Thursday than an average December day.

Dec 19, 2022: Yearly Theme I’ve been thinking over things I want to focus on during 2023 and coming up with a few names for what I might call this. There are some …

Dec 19, 2022: It’s going to be a rough week.

Dec 19, 2022: I’ve been thinking over my yearly theme for the coming year (with lots of jotting in my theme journal). No name for it yet, but I do know one …

Dec 19, 2022:

Dec 19, 2022:

Dec 18, 2022: Sure seems plausible my parked Twitter account gets booted this week under the new policy.

Dec 18, 2022: Argentina! ⚽️

Dec 18, 2022: Well when you put it that way, it sounds bad.

Dec 17, 2022: Game night.

Dec 15, 2022: Kicking off this weekend with our usual holiday movies during this time of year: Klaus The Muppet’s Christmas Carol National Lampoon’s …

Dec 15, 2022: Today begins the Great Book Completion Christmas; or, I’m finishing this book draft and sending it back to my publisher by January.

Dec 13, 2022: Congratulations to my friend @lmullen on the publication of America’s Public Bible!

Dec 12, 2022: Pepperkaker!

Dec 11, 2022: Our annual bake of St. Lucia buns (lussekatter) are ready.

Dec 11, 2022: Awake before the rest of the household. Time to write.

Dec 10, 2022: In the mailbag.

Dec 10, 2022: Morning writing.

Dec 9, 2022: Skål!

Dec 9, 2022: Sent in a pitch to a magazine to write a review piece for them. Fingers crossed that they’re interested.

Dec 9, 2022: Coffee, fire, writing.

Dec 8, 2022: “As a substance, ice has agency and it is an entity that moves and shapes and responds to the world. We don’t just act upon ice, ice is also making …

Dec 7, 2022: Robin Sloan: “For people who care about creating worlds together, rather than getting rich, the web is the past and the web is the future. What …

Dec 7, 2022: “It isn’t climate change that caused a 69 percent loss in total wildlife populations between 1970 and 2018 . . . The cause is too many people …

Dec 6, 2022: Will I use it? I don’t know. Probably not. But I’ve parked an account over at Post.News.

Dec 5, 2022: In Virginia for our annual white elephant party. Always so much fun.🎄

Dec 4, 2022: Finished reading: Valley of Heart’s Delight: Environment and Sense of Place in the Santa Clara Valley by Anne Marie Todd 📚

Dec 4, 2022:

Dec 4, 2022: Quiet morning, with fresh coffee, fire in the fireplace, and writing.

Dec 3, 2022: I’ve been a vim user for ten years and now, for the past few evenings, I’ve been actively using Emacs and org-mode (and Evil, I’m not a complete …

Dec 3, 2022:

Dec 1, 2022: My children have polluted my music data.

Nov 30, 2022: I’m not sure if it’s a good sign or a red flag that I spent yesterday evening winding down by reading about Emacs and org-mode.

Nov 29, 2022: Did you know you can now find our podcast studio on YouTube? Go subscribe! And don’t miss the start of season 2 of The Green Tunnel: Episode 21, …

Nov 28, 2022: Found a screw in the car tire. Impending ice storm tomorrow. Hope I don’t need the car.

Nov 28, 2022: One side effect of leaving Twitter is I find myself using RSS a whole lot more. I see this as a good side effect for both my mental health (no …

Nov 27, 2022:

Nov 25, 2022:

Nov 25, 2022: Honestly, not the finish I was expecting. USMNT holding their own. ⚽️

Nov 25, 2022:

Nov 24, 2022: Thanksgiving included roast pork stuffed with herbs, green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potato with tahini butter, rolls, two kinds of pie, and …

Nov 24, 2022: “The Thanksgiving story buries the major cause of King Philip’s War—the relentless seizure of Indian land.”

Nov 24, 2022:

Nov 23, 2022: The honey-maple-bourbon pecan pie is a success. 🥧

Nov 23, 2022: It’s not all pies. Here’s herb-stuffed pork for dinner and getting ready to go into the oven. (We’re doing Thanksgiving a day early).

Nov 23, 2022: And another one.

Nov 22, 2022: Yes.

Nov 22, 2022: Doing our Thanksgiving meal a day early this year to better fit schedules. Pumpkin-bourbon pie is in the oven.

Nov 22, 2022: Finished reading: How to Blow Up a Pipeline by Andreas Malm 📚

Nov 22, 2022: Finished reading: Deep Work by Cal Newport 📚

Nov 21, 2022: For the Death by Numbers project at RRCHNM, I wrote a short post about the data API we’re building and how it will enable historical research.

Nov 20, 2022: Bottling day.

Nov 20, 2022: One thing I appreciate about Reeder is the ability to subscribe to someone’s Twitter account. There’s a handful of people who I’d still like to keep …

Nov 20, 2022: Time to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 🏎️

Nov 19, 2022: 0 Tweets.

Nov 19, 2022: 6yo provided the architectural drawings for today.

Nov 19, 2022: “[A]mongst the chaos, there are some positive trends right now. Here are a things about software development for the web that are improving.”

Nov 19, 2022: Busy day ahead moving furniture between the kiddo’s rooms and building a new loft bed. 🔨

Nov 18, 2022: Embracing the Limits With Twitter’s impending demise I’m having some serious ideas about going full Knuth with social media, with the exception of here at …

Nov 17, 2022: My phone autocorrected “I’m cc’ing you” to “I’m cc’omg you” and honestly that sums up this busy week.

Nov 16, 2022: Finished reading: The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America by Gabriel Winant 📚

Nov 14, 2022: Thank you, Mozilla, for providing a Firefix Developer Edition.

Nov 14, 2022: A new issue of my newsletter is out!

Nov 13, 2022: “Dad, are these pants? Why aren’t they shorts?” 3yo asks questions I’m not sure how to answer.

Nov 11, 2022: There’s a joke in Formula 1 one that asks, How do you become a millionaire in F1? Start out as a billionaire. That’s sort of how the Twitter purchase …

Nov 9, 2022: Robin Sloan: You feel it, don’t you? They’re all crumbling, the platforms of the last decade. It’s unsettling, but/and also undeniably exciting. Tall …

Nov 7, 2022: I’ll be in Baltimore this Friday at the Southern History Association’s European Section to talk about the London Bills of Mortality, data …

Nov 6, 2022: Made one of my favorite dishes tonight, sosekjøtt with mashed potatoes and peas. Deilig måltid.

Nov 6, 2022: Wort! 🍻

Nov 6, 2022:

Nov 6, 2022: An unintentionally early morning calls for contemplation and writing.

Nov 5, 2022: Stable Diffusion, “A map of the San Francisco Bay Area in the style of Tolkien”

Nov 5, 2022: Some fun with GPT-3.

Nov 5, 2022: Hear, hear, @joshuapsteele: Quit Twitter. Quit Facebook. Quit Instagram. Start a blog. Get an RSS reader. Write a letter. Read a book. Go for a walk. …

Nov 5, 2022: The holiday baking begins.

Nov 4, 2022: Yes.

Nov 4, 2022: Some much-needed rain and its pattering is all the music I need this morning.

Nov 4, 2022: Some much-needed rain this morning and its pattering is all the music I need this morning.

Nov 3, 2022: Seeing reports that (now former) Twitter employees are finding out they’ve been fired because they can no longer log into the company Slack tonight. …

Nov 3, 2022: Today, a high of 75F. Tonight, wind chills below freezing. Chance of snow Saturday. What a weird week.

Nov 2, 2022: I love–out of thoughtful intention–that we’re landing on mature, boring tech stacks (Rails or Django + Postgres + some JS + Go) for …

Nov 1, 2022:

Nov 1, 2022: “The ethics of capitalist consumption have plagued us poor capitalist consumers for at least as long as that system has prevailed.”

Nov 1, 2022: “Today’s fear of the 1970s is a call for more of what the 1970s gave us: comatose wages and foamy financial returns, monetary dominance and political …

Nov 1, 2022: the presence of a mastodon implies there’s a mastoconsigliere

Oct 31, 2022:

Oct 30, 2022: I see Twitter is in great hands: Elon Musk has shared a lurid, baseless conspiracy theory on Twitter about what transpired the night of the violent …

Oct 29, 2022: IndieWeb row.

Oct 29, 2022: Scandinavian-themed dinner tonight: juniper salmon, lettuce with dill vinaigrette, grilled flatbreads, potatoes with thyme, and blueberry cordial.

Oct 29, 2022: Blueberry cordial in the works.

Oct 29, 2022: Harney & Sons makes a Japanese Whisky tea. It’s delicious.

Oct 28, 2022: New phone day yesterday. Instagram wants me to use two-factor, but I don’t recall setting up two-factor. Nor is it in my authentication app. Guess …

Oct 25, 2022: There’s something poetic about Ruby being the first language I really started working with; then, not really using in many years; and now, …

Oct 24, 2022: Implemented some HEY-like filtering in Fastmail that’s made my inbox much easier to deal with.

Oct 23, 2022: Driving back from Colorado today, the extreme wind + dust + grassfire smoke was eerie.

Oct 23, 2022: I learned yesterday that the English root of “wilderness” is “wild deer place” (wildēornes).

Oct 23, 2022: Absolutely bonkers swing in temperatures.

Oct 18, 2022: The books are beginning to pile up around me, which can only mean one thing: I’m in a serious writing mode.

Oct 18, 2022: In the mailbag.

Oct 17, 2022: I wrote some thoughts about AI-generated images, creativity, and the work of historians in a world where creating fake historical images becomes …

Oct 16, 2022:

Oct 16, 2022:

Oct 14, 2022:

Oct 14, 2022: A Day in the Life in San Antonio, Texas. At a conference and chatting with friends over a Vieux Carré. 13 October 10:00pm.

Oct 13, 2022: Great to be back at the Western History Conference, my first in-person conference since 2019. Could do without this Texas heat, though.

Oct 12, 2022: Hello, Texas.

Oct 12, 2022:

Oct 12, 2022: Spent the plane ride working on a blog post about AI-generated content and fake “historical photographs” and what this might mean for historians and …

Oct 11, 2022: Preparing for a visit with @lmullen’s students this evening made me realize I really need to wget some of my old digital history projects and get them …

Oct 10, 2022: It’s pretty obvious how toxic Twitter is around Political Twitter, say. But spend any time around F1 Twitter and you get an eye-opening lesson …

Oct 9, 2022: “My trip to space was supposed to be a celebration; instead, it felt like a funeral.”

Oct 8, 2022:

Oct 5, 2022: I’ve pushed up some design updates to my What is Digital Humanities project, including a new click-to-refresh button that was long overdue.

Oct 4, 2022: Finished reading: Democracy’s Data by Dan Bouk 📚

Oct 4, 2022: Jeg lager varm sjokolade med kardemomme i kveld. ☕️

Oct 4, 2022: Nice afternoon in the office.

Oct 3, 2022: It’s fantasy hockey draft night. 🏒 🍺

Oct 3, 2022: There’s so much great TV right now. How I’m feeling about things so far: Andor: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ House of the Dragon: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Rings of Power: ⭐️ ⭐️ …

Oct 1, 2022: Finished reading: The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien 📚

Sep 29, 2022: Finished reading: The Treeline: The Last Forest and the Future of Life on Earth by Ben Rawlence 📚

Sep 29, 2022: In the mailbag.

Sep 27, 2022: A new Field Notes day is a good day.

Sep 26, 2022: Thinking of the loss of Hilary Mantel, and what history is and what it is not.

Sep 23, 2022: Longleaf pine ecosystems are “casualties of the single most violent and destructive force in history—the lie that the only value life has is the …

Sep 23, 2022: I’m panels 1, 3, and 4 today/this weekend.

Sep 21, 2022: There’s a new trailer up for season two of R2 Studio’s The Green Tunnel podcast.

Sep 15, 2022: Boosted. 💪💉

Sep 14, 2022: Great but all-too-short visit with my colleagues at RRCHNM. Heading back home today.

Sep 9, 2022: Fall temperatures are finally in the air, and we spent a lovely evening at a hot air balloon festival at an apple orchard. Unfortunately with these …

Sep 8, 2022: The Queen met thirteen U.S. Presidents — that works out to having met 30% of all of them.

Sep 8, 2022: The Queen was the first head of state to send an email, in 1976.

Sep 6, 2022: My colleague Nate Sleeter at RRCHNM, with funding from the Library of Congress, has developed a series of teaching guides to support …

Sep 6, 2022: Listening to: The Horses and the Hounds by James McMurtry ♫

Sep 5, 2022:

Sep 5, 2022: Birthday coffee. 38.

Aug 30, 2022: So very pleased I get to work with such an outstanding team.

Aug 22, 2022: Good morning I just poured water into my Aeropress without adding the coffee beans first.

Aug 21, 2022: Tonight I made these incredible Oklahoma onion burgers.

Aug 21, 2022: Sculpting in progress. (Not my doing, it’s a talented member of our parish).

Aug 19, 2022: PARC and PARC-adjacent folks are restoring and modernizing the Medley Interlisp system that ran on the Xerox D-machines so it runs on a modern VM on …

Aug 18, 2022: Fall food. To will Fall into existence.

Aug 17, 2022: Wingspan is such a fantastic board game.

Aug 13, 2022:

Aug 13, 2022: 0/5 stars, don’t recommend poison oak exposure.

Aug 4, 2022: “I’m working on my first tutorial now, about how to parse NetCDF files full of climate data using the Python programming language to save the …

Aug 2, 2022: Not even two days into the summer break, and Formula 1’s silly season is off the rails. 🏎

Jul 28, 2022: I write succinct git commits.

Jul 28, 2022: It’s a good feeling when all the code and infrastructure falls into place on the first try.

Jul 23, 2022: Weekend read.

Jul 18, 2022: Spending the morning in Golang, Postgres, and API land. Go really is a nice language to work in.

Jul 15, 2022: I have just a few podcast I listen to.

Jul 14, 2022: Good morning.

Jul 11, 2022: Editor: How’s your book coming along? Me: …I might’ve accidentally drafted an extra chapter.

Jul 9, 2022:

Jul 4, 2022: Also, to fellow historians, may we all be prepared for the day.

Jul 4, 2022: Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸

Jun 26, 2022: Finished reading: Left Behind: The Democrats’ Failed Attempt to Solve Inequality by Lily Geismer 📚

Jun 19, 2022: The kids know how to gift.

Jun 19, 2022: Today’s to-do list from Daughter: ice cream, LEGO building, lunch, and dinner.

Jun 18, 2022:

Jun 16, 2022:

Jun 11, 2022: sorry what

Jun 6, 2022: And we meet again, Day of WWDC.

Jun 5, 2022: Weekend project inching along. Painted the study and finally replaced the sagging, cheap bookshelves with track shelving.

Jun 4, 2022: Raggmunk for breakfast.

Jun 2, 2022: In the mailbag.

Jun 2, 2022: Sadly, I had to withdraw from a conference in August that’s being held in Savanger, Norway. But I’m now resolved that next year …

Jun 2, 2022: Sadly, I had to withdraw from a conference in August that that’s being held in Savanger, Norway. But I’m now resolved that next year …

Jun 1, 2022: Finished reading: Why the New Deal Matters by Eric Rauchway 📚

May 31, 2022: The office is pleasant today.

May 28, 2022: Garden updates.

May 28, 2022: Come feast, bird friends.

May 24, 2022: “We guarantee that crazed man after crazed man will have a flood of killing power readily supplied him. We have to make that offering, out of …

May 24, 2022: “It’s not a good time for Belgian-style monastic beers. Spencer came along at the wrong time.”

May 21, 2022:

May 21, 2022:

May 19, 2022: Finished reading: The Long Land War by Jo Guldi 📚

May 16, 2022: Really nice conversation today with my editor (and good friend) about my book. I’ve set myself a deadline of July 1 to hand off the revised …

May 15, 2022:

May 15, 2022: My daughter, waking up from her nap, always brings a book down from her room but then just leaves it on the kitchen counter. It’s the equivalent of me …

May 14, 2022: Welp.

May 11, 2022: Major flight delay. Time for another one.

May 11, 2022: Heading home after a wonderful visit to Virginia.

May 10, 2022: Unreasonably pleased we named our RRCHNM data API: Apiary. 🐝

May 7, 2022: Good morning.

May 6, 2022: Good to be back at RRCHNM for a time.

May 3, 2022: New setup.

May 3, 2022: Did my single item I ordered get delivered? I’m not certain.

May 2, 2022: Indecisive tree.

May 1, 2022:

May 1, 2022:

Apr 30, 2022: The high winds today are throwing so many flower blossom petals around that it looks like it’s snowing.

Apr 29, 2022: Writing on a rainy morning. Giving BBEdit a try as the writing app today.

Apr 28, 2022: 💌 Breve #6: Mapping American Religion

Apr 27, 2022: Tonight the toddler got mad at me because I told her I was making pasta for dinner, not mac and cheese.

Apr 25, 2022:

Apr 24, 2022: Juneberries blooming.

Apr 23, 2022:

Apr 23, 2022:

Apr 23, 2022: First cold brew of the season. ☕️

Apr 21, 2022: What is the best movie soundtrack and why is it O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Apr 21, 2022:

Apr 19, 2022: Good morning.

Apr 14, 2022:

Apr 14, 2022: Finished reading: What It Took to Win: A History of the Democratic Party by Michael Kazin 📚

Apr 14, 2022: Can’t wait for him to buy twitter so the whole thing just implodes.

Apr 13, 2022: Testing something out on my web server, and I made it angry.

Apr 12, 2022: It’s currently 85F. It was 51F an hour and a half ago.

Apr 12, 2022: Well that explains things.

Apr 10, 2022: My tarragon has returned!

Apr 10, 2022: Happy chives.

Apr 8, 2022: Looking forward to digging into these.

Apr 4, 2022: Finished reading: Catholic Modern: The Challenge of Totalitarianism and the Remaking of the Church by James Chappel 📚

Apr 3, 2022: Finished reading: Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process by John McPhee 📚

Apr 3, 2022: Cuban ropa vieja (roast shredded beef), coconut scallion rice, vegetarian Cuban picadillo.

Mar 31, 2022: Pro tip: throw some Trader Joe’s umami seasoning on that broccoli before you roast it.

Mar 27, 2022: oh no I bought Elden Ring

Mar 20, 2022: Chives have begun their return.

Mar 16, 2022: I might have just impulse-bought a le Carré “George Smiley” boxed set.

Mar 15, 2022: It’s a tough life.

Mar 15, 2022: Morning writing.

Mar 8, 2022: Pepper seedlings going strong.

Feb 27, 2022: Fastelavnsboller, a Norwegian cardamom bun filled with jam and whipped cream.

Feb 26, 2022: In the mailbag.

Feb 20, 2022: Stewed apples with homemade honey ice cream.

Feb 19, 2022: What a weird week.

Feb 13, 2022: Yes.

Feb 10, 2022: Good morning.

Feb 4, 2022: Finished reading: The Thirty Years War by C. V. Wedgwood 📚

Feb 4, 2022: Vegetarian tikka masala and homemade naan.

Feb 1, 2022: Another early morning calling for writing, and my best approximation of a cappuccino.

Jan 29, 2022:

Jan 29, 2022: An early morning calls for quiet contemplation and writing.

Jan 24, 2022: Pan-seared tofu with a homemade chili oil.

Jan 23, 2022: Good morning.

Jan 21, 2022: “If we just keep building without repairing what exists or applying lessons learned along the way, we will continue to spin our wheels as the same …

Jan 20, 2022: In the mailbag.

Jan 16, 2022: Finished reading: Pollution Is Colonialism by Max Liboiron 📚

Jan 13, 2022: Finished reading: The Bright Ages by Matthew Gabriele and David M. Perry 📚

Jan 11, 2022: I’ve been using Go a lot more as part of the work we’re doing on a @chnm data API, and it’s been a fantastic language to learn.

Jan 4, 2022: I don’t know what happened between yesterday and today, but the dependency gods (looking at you, R libraries) are upset with me and disrupting …

Jan 3, 2022: Great piece by @benwerd: There’s no such thing as writing too much: your voice is important, your perspective is different, and you should put it out …

Dec 31, 2021: Happy New Year, friends.

Dec 30, 2021: Knocking out lots of little digital maintenance projects this week: unsubscribing from apps and services I don’t use frequently setting up OpenDNS on …

Dec 30, 2021: The 5yo and I recently finished Chasm, a rogue-like 2D side-scroller — we thought it was fantastic. Last night, we started Unravel, which so far is …

Dec 30, 2021: Today’s projects include finally getting my router on OpenDNS.

Dec 29, 2021: The Break from Twitter During Advent, I decided to take a break from Twitter. I’ve dipped a toe back in here and there over the past few days, but honestly I might …

Dec 29, 2021: My small Christmas break project of fixing face tagging in Apple Photos to correct miscategrized images of my kiddos just got way harder: thanks to a …

Dec 27, 2021: Just finished Margrete den første. Pretty good drama on political intrigue in fifteenth century Scandinavia. 🍿

Dec 25, 2021: Making gløgg today: 1 cinnamon stick 6 cloves 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 3 cardamom pods 3 whole peppercorns 1 bottle red wine 1/3 cup aquavit …

Dec 25, 2021: Merry Christmas.

Dec 24, 2021: The Icelanders are on to something. ☕️

Dec 23, 2021:

Dec 22, 2021: Julebordet We’re just a few days away from Christmas, and while there’s a lot I love about this time of year – the people, the cold weather, …

Dec 21, 2021: At the start of the pandemic, I started following this series of one man building a log cabin in Sweden using mostly traditional hand tools. I’m …

Dec 21, 2021: Finished reading: The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe by Matthew Gabriele and David M. Perry 📚

Dec 21, 2021: Currently reading: Thinking about History by Sarah Maza 📚

Dec 20, 2021: Today is for making lefse.

Dec 20, 2021: “The tools of writing have seldom been designed with writers in mind.”

Dec 19, 2021: Currently reading: The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson 📚

Dec 18, 2021: I might be getting a home beer brewing kit for Christmas, so I might be brewing up some juniper beer soon.

Dec 16, 2021: Christmas Tunes If Christmas music is your thing, I’ve probably got you covered. How about 7 and a half hours of Christmas instrumentals? If that’s not your thing, …

Dec 15, 2021: I don’t feel good having experienced my first (indeed, multiple) tornado warnings in December.

Dec 15, 2021: This storm front is screaming fast. May look small but it’s packing a huge punch.

Dec 14, 2021: ah yes the December fire season

Dec 12, 2021: What an absolutely bonkers Formula 1 season.

Dec 12, 2021: I’d hate to be a Formula 1 steward today.

Dec 11, 2021: Today was for making gløgg and St. Lucia saffron buns.

Dec 8, 2021: Had a quick but fantastic trip to visit my colleagues at RRCHNM this week. I’m still so unbelievably thrilled to be part of the team and work …

Dec 4, 2021:

Nov 30, 2021: If you’re a listener of our RRCHNM podcasts, for Giving Tuesday please consider supporting our work.

Nov 27, 2021: “Where’s the food.”

Nov 27, 2021:

Nov 26, 2021: Pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Nov 25, 2021: Yes.

Nov 25, 2021: Roast pork stuffed with sage and rosemary, green beans, roasted broccoli, deviled eggs, kale and Brussels sprout salad, mashed potatoes and roasted …

Nov 25, 2021: A bit of downtime before the next phase of cooking means digging into some Thanksgiving reading.

Nov 25, 2021: Yes.

Nov 25, 2021: Soon.

Nov 25, 2021: Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Nov 25, 2021: A Day of Mourning Take a moment today to consider why today is a national day of mourning for Indigenous peoples. Phil Deloria, “The Invention of Thanksgiving” Karin …

Nov 25, 2021: Newberry Library

Nov 23, 2021:

Nov 23, 2021:

Nov 22, 2021: Today’s office view.

Nov 21, 2021: An at-home Nailed It! competition.

Nov 7, 2021: Kjøttbollene mine er bedre enn IKEAs.

Nov 1, 2021: Yes.

Oct 26, 2021: Boo

Oct 23, 2021: The last of our harvest.

Oct 23, 2021: Out adventuring this morning: visiting the Holy Family Shrine, and fossil hunting.

Oct 20, 2021: I have, twice now, followed Apple’s instructions for reinstalling macOS on my MacBook Air. Each time it seems to go through the motions for …

Oct 17, 2021: Homemade raspberry juice and vodka with a touch of smoke. Skål.

Oct 17, 2021: Onion soup with cheese on sourdough.

Oct 16, 2021: Tonight, baked potato soup with fried potato skins and broccoli, and brunost caramel apples for dessert.

Oct 14, 2021: Mailbag.

Oct 12, 2021: Chili rellanos with peppers from our garden.

Oct 10, 2021: Currently reading: The Ecocentrists: A History of Radical Environmentalism by Keith Makoto Woodhouse 📚

Oct 9, 2021: Just a few peppers from the garden. And we’re not even done harvesting them all yet.

Oct 9, 2021: We also met this friend in the garden today.

Oct 9, 2021: Tearing out the plants no longer producing in the garden today.

Oct 8, 2021:

Oct 8, 2021: Soon.

Oct 6, 2021: If you like tarragon, blitz a handful with half a cup of sugar and top strawberries and milk with it.

Oct 3, 2021: Currently reading: Floating Coast by Bathsheba Demuth 📚

Sep 27, 2021: The one positive of being holed up in bed all day with a stomach bug is finally watching Star Wars: Visions.

Sep 26, 2021: A morning at the apple orchard.

Sep 19, 2021: This week: Hey! It’s going to be in the mid-70s all week! Also this week:

Sep 19, 2021: Paul Hollywood would give me poor marks, but I tried my hand at Swedish kardemummabullar today. Turned out pretty good for a first time.

Sep 17, 2021: Very excited to see a new José González album.

Sep 17, 2021:

Sep 17, 2021: Butternut squash soup tonight, grown from our garden. 🌱

Sep 11, 2021: Flambéed pork chops with sage and aquavit.

Sep 8, 2021: Currently reading: Cuba: An American History by Ada Ferrer 📚

Sep 7, 2021: Just a massive watermelon haul from our garden (apple for scale).

Sep 5, 2021: Skål!

Sep 5, 2021: Birthdays are for cream cakes (bløtkake).

Sep 4, 2021: Started rewatching one of my favorite shows the other night, Occupied, and wow does seeing quasi-paramilitary rebels hit me differently after 1/6.

Sep 4, 2021: These Williams cars in Q2 look like me trying to play F1 2021 with full simulation settings.

Sep 1, 2021: The new James McMurtry album is fantastic.

Aug 31, 2021:

Aug 30, 2021: Finally, an answer to “what is digital humanities”?

Aug 26, 2021: I sure hope not: Twitter threads are the new blog posts.

Aug 24, 2021: Currently reading: The Anglo-Saxons : A History of the Beginnings of England by Marc Morris 📚

Aug 22, 2021:

Aug 22, 2021: Good morning.

Aug 17, 2021: Currently reading: Forget the Alamo by Bryan Burrough 📚

Aug 12, 2021:

Aug 9, 2021: The Summer Day I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to …

Aug 9, 2021: “And, if we believe this report, the next 20-30 years is the most important time of our whole lives.”

Aug 8, 2021: Just finished reading: France by Emile Chabal 📚

Aug 8, 2021: Currently reading: The Human Factor by Graham Greene 📚

Aug 7, 2021:

Aug 1, 2021:

Jul 28, 2021: Garden update.

Jul 24, 2021: Jeg tror min favoritt ting om å lære norsk er å prøve nye norske oppskrifter. Det er god motivasjon. (Beklager for grammatikkfeil!)

Jul 21, 2021: Github Copilot is shockingly good.

Jul 19, 2021: Steak with fresh garden herbs and butter, grilled garden squash and zucchini, fresh sourdough, and a barley salad with grilled leeks and fennel.

Jul 17, 2021: Skål!

Jul 15, 2021: Pickling.

Jul 13, 2021: “When a perceived internal enemy is a threat to the established hierarchy, the state springs into action. But when the challenge is in defense …

Jul 11, 2021: Mailbag. 📚

Jul 9, 2021: “Throughout the first two centuries of its existence, Chicago became famous as a city that pushed water around like nowhere else. Now, in the …

Jul 8, 2021: “If redlining maps were not just maps of race, then what were they maps of? They were maps that cataloged and reproduced the spatial order of a much …

Jul 7, 2021: “It’s 109 degrees in Portland right now. It’s been over 130 degrees in Baghdad several times. What kind of awareness quotient are we looking for? What …

Jul 7, 2021: “The new Federal Writers Project, in other words, would revitalize and repurpose portions of our existing cultural infrastructure. . . . Never in the …

Jul 6, 2021: Incredible work by Morata. ⚽️ #ITA #ESP

Jul 5, 2021: Just a few garden items.

Jul 4, 2021:

Jul 3, 2021:

Jul 3, 2021: Call me radical, but I’d prefer not to have burning oceans.

Jul 2, 2021: Friday.

Jun 29, 2021: GitHub Copilot looks incredible.

Jun 25, 2021:

Jun 23, 2021: Sourdough ciabatta.

Jun 17, 2021: Neat.

Jun 12, 2021:

Jun 11, 2021: Skål!

Jun 8, 2021: Look at these garlic scapes.

Jun 7, 2021: Looking forward to WWDC today, hoping to see some big news for iPads.

Jun 6, 2021: Also, around a pound and a half of juneberries.

Jun 6, 2021: The first true harvest (just ignore those bolted chives and sad onion bulb).

Jun 5, 2021:

Jun 2, 2021: Yesterday I met a friend for coffee at a coffee shop outside without masks. It was glorious.

Jun 1, 2021: In the mailbag.

May 31, 2021:

May 31, 2021: Firing up the grill for chicken tenders and beyond beef burgers. Spring potato salad chilling in the fridge, and a cold coffee vanilla stout ready for …

May 31, 2021: Good morning.

May 29, 2021:

May 27, 2021: Just added this amazing hand-drawn map of North America to my list of maps I need to buy.

May 27, 2021: Currently reading: At Home in the World by Kathleen A. Cairns 📚

May 27, 2021: Just a bit of rain in that overnight thunderstorm.

May 27, 2021:

May 23, 2021: Chipotle beef, roja con crema, cilantro, and homemade corn tortillas.

May 23, 2021: Any recipe that starts off with roasting poblano peppers is going to be good.

May 22, 2021:

May 21, 2021: Ben Schmidt give us an alignment chart on digital publishing.

May 14, 2021: First harvest.

May 13, 2021:

May 13, 2021: Making a favorite stew tonight: rotgrønnsaksgryte med bygg.

May 6, 2021: I don’t think anything else I’ve made comes close to the popularity of What is Digital Humanities?.

May 4, 2021: Observable Plot looks like a fantastic new way for generating charts in browsers. API seems user friendly, looks quick to learn, and easy to get …

Apr 24, 2021:

Apr 20, 2021: I’m going to need that new iMac.

Apr 18, 2021: Good evening.

Apr 15, 2021: After hand-digging twenty-eight 1' diameter by 2.5' deep holes, pouring 2,300lbs of concrete, working with 100+ pieces of lumber, hanging over 500 …

Apr 12, 2021: Tell me you’re in your mid-thirties without telling me you’re in your mid-thirties. My wrist is so sore from using a hammer all day yesterday that I …

Apr 11, 2021: Also, the soundtrack for Project Fence has been Johnny Cash on endless repeat. I’ll credit @lmullen for prompting this.

Apr 11, 2021: Project Fence day seven ends with almost all of the exterior pickets hung. The longest exterior section is complete, at least.

Apr 10, 2021: Project Fence, day six. Pickets started getting in place this evening.

Apr 9, 2021: Project Fence, day five. All the posts installed and cemented, most of the rail hung.

Apr 9, 2021:

Apr 8, 2021: Project Fence, day four. Hoping rain is mostly done for the day.

Apr 7, 2021: Project Fence day three, inside before the heavy rains hit. Over halfway done with setting posts.

Apr 7, 2021: I’m excited to announce Project Fence is now sponsored by ibuprofen.

Apr 6, 2021: Day two of Project Fence is in the books.

Apr 5, 2021: I’m falling back on my days as a landscaper and taking on replacing our cedar fence this week. I’m already beat.

Apr 1, 2021: Dose 2!

Apr 1, 2021: Those are fighting words.

Mar 29, 2021: Fantastic piece by Hannah Fry on the harm and the good that can come from what we decide to count and how we decide to count it.

Mar 25, 2021: Looking good, mobile @zotero!

Mar 25, 2021: If you’re aghast at the reinstallment of Richard Stallman on the board of the Free Software Foundation, you can sign an open letter here.

Mar 25, 2021: Det er vaffeldag i skandinavia! Lage noen vafler i dag!

Mar 23, 2021: It’s good.

Mar 21, 2021: Future firewood.

Mar 19, 2021: Great thread on what we miss by using only digitized sources and how, perhaps, we shouldn’t read digitized sources the same way we read physical …

Mar 15, 2021: He’s a good sport.

Mar 13, 2021: Currently reading: Calhoun: American Heretic by Robert Elder 📚

Mar 13, 2021:

Mar 13, 2021:

Mar 13, 2021:

Mar 12, 2021:

Mar 11, 2021: A year ago today was my last day working on campus and the day we pulled our kids from preschool/daycare. Today, I received my first vaccine dose. …

Mar 8, 2021: The herbs are returning.

Mar 8, 2021: I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a Confluence pro.

Mar 7, 2021: Grill night.

Mar 7, 2021: The four seasons: summer, fall, winter, and the dogs chased a squirrel through the thawing yard and returned covered in mud.

Mar 6, 2021: I find the generational divide identified here too rigid (a lot of this speaks to my experiences, too), but there’s a lot in this ode to the open web …

Mar 6, 2021: As the snows melt, it appears a few over winter plants survived.

Mar 6, 2021: I’m trying out this newsletter thing, inspired by @dancohen @lmullen and @ayjay. Introducing Breve, a space to share thoughts and ideas on technology, …

Mar 4, 2021: Currently reading: Visualization and Interpretation: Humanistic Approaches to Display by Johanna Drucker 📚

Mar 4, 2021: Crumb.

Mar 4, 2021: More sourdough day.

Mar 3, 2021: I know this made the rounds recently, but I just love this crowdsourced project collecting sounds from woodlands.

Mar 3, 2021:

Feb 25, 2021: Honored that our book Digital Community Engagement won the National Council on Public History’s book award!

Jan 24, 2021: Well, tomorrow seems fun.

Jan 5, 2021: Finishing Halt and Catch Fire has me jonesing to make an early ’90s design of my website.

Jan 4, 2021: Sourdough day.

Dec 31, 2020: Later, 2020.

Dec 30, 2020: In 24 hours, Flash is going away. I was not great at it, but Flash was one of my early forays into the interactive web. End of an era, certainly.

Dec 29, 2020: Just a bit of snow today.

Dec 27, 2020: Daughter is chanting “lefse!” so I’d say my work here is done.

Dec 26, 2020: Current project! Kiddo always gets the best presents for me.

Dec 20, 2020: Ice.

Dec 16, 2020: Currently reading (finally): The Code by Margaret O’Mara 📚

Dec 15, 2020: Cancelled subscriptions to the Peloton app and Down Dog in anticipation of Fitness+ and I’m pleased to say I think it’ll work great for me.

Dec 15, 2020: “Today’s social networks, Facebook chief among them, were built to encourage the things that make them so harmful. It is in their very architecture.”

Dec 14, 2020: Thoughtful reflections on the “rules” for data visualization.

Dec 13, 2020: Lussekatter. (St. Lucia saffron buns.)

Dec 13, 2020: Pretty great interview from Outside Magazine with Tim Cook and Apple’s future in health, privacy, and the environment.

Dec 12, 2020: Snow day.

Dec 11, 2020: It took me far too long to discover Halt and Catch Fire.

Dec 9, 2020: Time for some maintenance on a DH project, I guess.

Dec 8, 2020: Listening to Margaret O’Mara deliver the Katz Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities on “Remaking the Silicon Society.” Fantastic reflections on …

Dec 8, 2020:

Dec 7, 2020: Spicy Norwegian pepperkaker.

Dec 5, 2020: Welcome inside, tree.

Dec 4, 2020: I need to find some local juleøl.

Dec 3, 2020: The American Historical Association has joined the National Security Archive, SHAFR, and CREW in a lawsuit to ensure the outgoing administration …

Dec 3, 2020: Oh no, I might’ve just been inspired to start a new digital history project.

Dec 2, 2020:

Dec 1, 2020: “I cannot overemphasize how much the lesson of the web is that people, given the choice between the freedom of operating and managing their own …

Dec 1, 2020: Good news, we can gaze upon my lackluster programming skills for eternity.

Nov 29, 2020: If Christmas music is your thing, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a few Apple playlists I started putting together over the past year. Christmas …

Nov 26, 2020: I dag er det ett år siden jeg begynte å lære norsk!

Nov 26, 2020: I have taken in the light / that quickened eye and leaf. / May my brain be bright with praise / of what I eat, in the brief blaze / of motion and of …

Nov 26, 2020: [Newberry Library.]

Oct 31, 2020: Boo!

Oct 29, 2020: 4yo, on pumpkin carving: “You guys are going to scoop them out. And carve them. I’m going to put the lights in them. That’s just how it is!” 🎃

Sep 24, 2020: Currently reading: Children of Ash and Elm by Neil Price. 📚

Feb 29, 2020: Possibly some of the best footage I’ve seen on old F1 driving. Here, a short film focused on the Scarab F1 car – although it didn’t …

Feb 24, 2020: Happy 27th birthday, Ruby.

Feb 22, 2020: I’ve started digging into Rails, which I haven’t played around with in many years, and I’m remembering why I liked Ruby so much.

Jan 23, 2020: For a brief moment it wasn’t obvious to me that @lmullen’s newsletter in my inbox was a newsletter, and I wondered why he was writing me …

Jan 10, 2020: I’m digging in to Observable notebooks, in part to re-familiarize myself with JavaScript but also to experiment with data science in the …

Dec 19, 2019: It’s been a remarkable year. We gave birth to our second daughter. Those two provide so much joy and silliness in my world, and I …

Dec 11, 2019: “Zero waste helps us reexamine our relationship with stuff in a way that can seem progressive and anti-consumerist. But the way this movement is …

Dec 10, 2019: And the ultimate triumph of being anti-web is to make links scarce. The smallest possible number of links a platform could allow is zero, so …

Dec 10, 2019: I’m peer reviewing conference proposals for Digital Humanities 2020 and, as always, I’m blown away by the innovative and exciting work …

Dec 9, 2019: A smart piece on why it’s so hard to get young people into activism in places where they feel forgotten.

Dec 9, 2019: ‪I just sent off a full book manuscript to my editor. ‬

Dec 6, 2019: I really enjoyed Firefox’s wrap-up of my year.

Dec 5, 2019: I’ve been learning Norwegian 🇳🇴 and have to say the way Duolingo teaches possessive pronouns has me totally lost. I just can’t wrap my …

Dec 4, 2019: I’ve created my first R package:a dataset of Superfund sites in the United States. Contributions and suggestions are most welcome.

Dec 4, 2019: There’s something refreshing and liberating about checking in on, only to see that I have just ten to twenty posts to catch up on.

Dec 3, 2019: The United States as viewed from California.

Dec 3, 2019: “I’m acutely aware of the fact that in many contexts that I enter, I’m probably the only native person there or has maybe ever even been …

Nov 30, 2019: “The U.S. government’s system for declassifying and processing historical records has reached a state of crisis.”

Nov 30, 2019: Over at the blog, I reflect on @lmullen’s first newsletter on the idie web.

Nov 30, 2019: “Chatham House predicts urbanisation, population growth and economic development will push global cement production from 4 to 5bn tonnes a year. If …

Nov 28, 2019: John James Audobon, wild turkey, from The Birds of America, ca. 1830.

Nov 28, 2019: Thankful today for family, friends, colleagues, and students. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Take some time to reflect on our history today.

Nov 27, 2019: Fantastic comic by Vrendi: Why Am I Scared to Ride a Bike?

Nov 27, 2019: Excited to announce the volume I’ve edited with Rebecca Wingo and Paul Schadewald will be coming out in the spring of 2020 with the University …

Sep 5, 2019: Close. I think the book draft is close.

Jun 26, 2019: Some summer reading.

Jun 20, 2019: Inspired by the NYTimes piece showing where single family zoning is prohibited in several US cities, I decided to try and reproduce that work for …

Jun 18, 2019: “People who think of themselves as progressives, environmentalists and egalitarians fight fiercely against urban development, complaining about …

Jun 17, 2019: I just whipped up a small geolocation web app for a course I’m working with this Fall, in case anyone has a similar need to find the lat/lon of …

Jun 17, 2019: Me: opens Spotlight, types rstud Spotlight: Did you mean rstudio_logo_125x125.png? Me: muscle memory hits return before I see the error Spotlight: …

Jun 17, 2019: Sad to hear of the passing of Alan Brinkley. His End of Reform is more or less canonical and a masterpiece of 20th century American history.

Jun 15, 2019: Looks like I might be finding something to replace Dropbox.

Jun 12, 2019: Punching “rstudio” into Spotlight keeps privileging Visual Studio Code and it’s driving me mad.

Jun 12, 2019: For the public historians hanging out here: interested in attending the Western History Association conference but lack institutional support? Apply …

Mar 17, 2019:

Feb 23, 2019: Well, tomorrow is going to be fun.

Jan 21, 2019: This morning, as I write about environmental justice activism, I’m struck by an idea to write a short piece on smokestacks as an indicator of …

Jan 18, 2019: Then, college: 500 words!? How on earth will I write so much about this book? Now, post-PhD: 500 words!? How on earth will I write so little about …

Jan 18, 2019: I find it so hard to write book reviews on works intended to be synthesis. Especially one’s that span large geographic areas and timespans. I …

Jan 17, 2019: “The relationship between education and economy is more complicated in Indian country than elsewhere in the United States.”

Jan 17, 2019: Twitter clean-up.

Jan 16, 2019: Currently reviewing.

Jan 14, 2019: Back in August, Netflix wrote about how they use Jupyter Notebooks in their work. It’s a great read.

Jan 14, 2019: “Against the vast blue skies and craggy prairies, female ranchers . . . are also forging a new path. Women are leading the trend of sustainable …

Jan 12, 2019: If you hate websites that stick bars to the top and bottom of pages (I’m looking at you, Medium), I use this bookmarklet to take care of them.

Jan 12, 2019: Snow day.

Jan 8, 2019: My top nine songs in 2018 via iTunes brought to you by my daughter, mostly. (Compiled via this amazing Shortcut from Federico Viticci.)

Jan 8, 2019: New on the American Indian Digital History Project: The American Indian Magazine published by the Society of American Indians (1913-1919).

Jan 8, 2019: Human spatial memory is made up of numerous individual maps.

Jan 7, 2019: Thank you, past self, for writing good code comments and documentation.

Jan 7, 2019: My privacy tools this year: 2FA: Authy Browser: Firefox Email: ProtonMail IM: Signal Search: DuckDuckGo VPN: Nord

Jan 6, 2019: Wonderful time, as always, at the AHA conference these past few days.

Aug 10, 2018: Night number three at the Knoxville Nationals. This is my sixteenth race in twenty years since I started coming.

Jul 13, 2018: Terrific week spent with the Service Learning Academy!

Jul 9, 2018: Finished the terrific new biography of RFK. 📚

Jul 9, 2018: My week: attending a service learning seminar and thinking about library resources, partnerships, and digital humanities

Jul 6, 2018: A morning of writing.

Jun 30, 2018: I am unreasonably excited about this open spatial data…