Alaska isn’t suppose to be an inferno—but its summers are now so warm that apocalyptic wildfires are almost inevitable.

Climate Freeloaders Are Destroying the Planet

“As a substance, ice has agency and it is an entity that moves and shapes and responds to the world. We don’t just act upon ice, ice is also making decisions of its own accord."

Robin Sloan: “For people who care about creating worlds together, rather than getting rich, the web is the past and the web is the future. What incredible luck, that this open, decentralized ‘way of relating’ claimed a position at the heart of the internet, and stuck fast.”

“It isn’t climate change that caused a 69 percent loss in total wildlife populations between 1970 and 2018 . . . The cause is too many people demanding too much from ecosystems, or human overshoot of the biophysical carrying capacity of the Earth.”

“The Thanksgiving story buries the major cause of King Philip’s War—the relentless seizure of Indian land.”

“[A]mongst the chaos, there are some positive trends right now. Here are a things about software development for the web that are improving.”