But, at a time when the urban-rural divide is as politically polarized as it’s ever been, fans of gay rodeo have come to appreciate it as a place where rural signifiers—big hats, big trucks, George Strait songs—have a different valence. “People think, O.K., you’re country—you’re a white, conservative, small-minded person. And that’s just not how it is,” Aurielle said.

The Renewed Importance of the Texas Gay Rodeo

The testing found PFAS in three out of seven agricultural pesticides, including Intrepid 2F, which state of California data shows is the second most widely applied product behind Roundup. In 2021, the most recent year data is available, more than 1.7m pounds of it were applied to over 1.3m cumulative acres of California land.

US food pesticides contaminated with toxic ‘forever chemicals’ testing finds

I can only infer from this that since Copilot is not degraded the AI overthrow has begun.

Wonderful, busy, and fast few days with my colleagues at RRCHNM. Full with ideas, fun, friends, great food, and lots of planning for exciting new projects.

Finished reading: The Honourable Schoolboy by John le Carré 📚

Currently reading: Billionaire Wilderness by Justin Farrell 📚

Photo of a Sandhill crane against a grassy background

We fear climate change because our systems of support are worn and frayed, and we are unsure of whether they will hold up under increasing duress. . . . On the boat our shared labor gave us something extraordinary, something that seems to have gone missing as of late: trust in each other.

What Antarctica’s Melting Glaciers Taught Me About Becoming a Mother

Forests are adapted to different types of fire across the West, but hotter and drier conditions in recent decades have intensified the way fires burn, resulting in more trees being killed. All of this can result in fewer seeds available for forests to regenerate after wildfires. Even when seeds are available, a warming climate is increasingly limiting the chances that seedlings can establish and grow.

Climate change curbing Western forests’ ability to recover from fires, scientists find

Days like today make me wonder why I follow Formula 1. Come for the uneventful race, stay for the near-manslaughter of people wandering aimlessly into pit lane before the race is over and nearly getting hit by a pitting car.

New hat day is a good day.

Portrait in a new Justin cowboy hat.

Going through books as I pack them up and tucked into one of them (that I must’ve bought online years ago): a letter between historians Elizabeth Perry and R. Hal Williams.

Today’s investigation: Django + IIIF, and how I might derive images by selecting part of a different image.

Waking up to flurries is not how I anticipated starting my Saturday.

If all goes well in the next few days, I’ll be officially entering my Wendell Berry / Wallace Stegner phase of life: we’ll be owners of a small 100+ year-old acreage.

Cucumber slices + a bit of olive oil + a bit of coarse salt + fresh tarragon is an excellent salad.

Finished reading: The Great Plains by Walter Prescott Webb 📚